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Wireless Network


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The SSC Wireless Network does not use WEP, or Wired Equivalency Privacy, due to insecurities in the protocol. Disable WEP in your wireless card configuration client. This is sometimes referred to as the Wireless Network Password. 

When in the coverage area, if you are able to successfully associate with the SSC network and obtain an IP address, then continue with the next step. If not, consult your card's instructions. 

Launch a web browser. You should be presented with the wireless portal authentication page. Use your student username and password to authenticate (See FAQ's)

Wireless FAQ's:

What kind of wireless Devices can I use?
You can use any wireless capable laptop running Windows XP and later,  Mac OS 10.6 and later or Chrome OS operating systems. You can also use any smartphone or tablet running Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems.

What Kind Of Wireless Protocols Are Supported?
Our access points support the latest 802.11abgn standards and should work with nearly any wireless capable device.​ 

What Kind Of Wireless Security is used?
The SCC student wireless network is an unsecured network. Anyone can connect to the network without credentials, however access will be limited to the SCC website only. To access external websites students​ will need to login with their WebAdvisor ID and password after connecting to the network. Since the network is unsecured, caution should be taken when accessing websites of a sensitive nature, such as online banking or shopping, as personal details could potentially be intercepted by malicious users.

Are any websites blocked?
The SCC student wireless network is open to all websites, however you should always exercise caution and visit only known and trusted websites. This will help to avoid sites that may contain malicious or harmful content. Also, please adhere to Board Policy BP7000 and Administrative Regulation AR7000​ when visiting websites on campus.

Can I use the wireless network to access ftp or torrent data?
No. Only web page traffic using HTTP:// (Port 80) or HTTPS:// (Port 443) protocols can be accessed on the wireless network.

Do I have to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the internet? 
No. Any browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer should work once the wireless connection is made.

I can't get a good signal from My location. What should I do?
The SCC student wireless network is made up of many wireless access points located throughout the campus. Good signal strength should be available in most areas of the campus. Some areas inside buildings may have reduced signal due to certain types of building materials, walls and distance from the nearest access point. We have made efforts to provide the best coverage possible throughout the entire campus.

What can I do if I am in a covered area and still can't access the network?
Go to the ITS Help Desk inside Humanities H-127 and we will try to help as best we can. Only support for wireless access is available through ITS.

Can I print from my wireless device?
No.  Student computers with printer access are available in the Library if you need to print something.

What is The wireless network name for SCC student access?

Can I watch videos on the wireless network?
Any videos accessible on the Internet should be viewable while connected to the SCC wireless ​network. Load times can be longer than normal depending upon the number of users currently accessing the network and bandwidth restrictions that have been put in place.

Can I access the wireless network anytime?
No. The network is available only when the campus is open: Monday through Saturday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm (Except for holidays.)​