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Campus Traffic and Parking

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Traffic and Parking

Authorization is granted to the SCC Safety by the Governing Board to issue traffic and parking citations on college premises. Citations may be issued for violations of:  

  1. Regulations set forth by the RSCCD
  2. California Vehicle Code (section 21113A).

Safety Officers are instructed to issue citations based upon the regulations, copies of which are available at the District Safety Offices and at the Student Business Office. They are not authorized to grant any privileges deviating from the regulations.

Please remember that our regulations are for the purpose of  protecting vehicles from damage and to ensure the safety of all including young children and parents who use the Child Development Center. Irresponsibility regarding campus traffic and parking regulations may result in a citation, restriction, suspension, and/or vehicle tow-away at owner's expense. Your cooperation in adhering to the college's regulations will certainly reduce potential safety hazards.  


Vehicles may be issued citations for illegal parking, failure to display a current sticker, or any other violation of parking and traffic regulations.

IMPORTANTCitations are paid only by mailing the fine to the Parking Administration in Santa Ana.  The address is printed on the citation.  Any person who feels a citation was issued in error may contest the notice by contacting the SCC Safety Office or Parking Administration.  According to California law, disregard of citations will result in the filing of a compliant, and renewal of vehicle registration is contingent upon compliance.  

Purchase Parking Permits

 All vehicles parking on campus must display a current permit available in the student Admissions Office. Students driving vehicles without a permit should purchase a day parking pass at the dispensing machine located in the parking lots.

Motorcycles, Mopeds, Bicycles
No permit is required if parked in designated area. Use of vehicular stall requires a permit.

Once purchased, refunds for parking permits, are made only if classes are dropped during the first two weeks. Please contact the Admissions Office.

Parking Permit Replacement
If a vehicle is sold or change of ownership occurs, the permit should be removed and placed in the new vehicle. Lost or stolen permits can only be replaced by purchasing a new permit at the full price.

Temporary Parking Permits
Students who hold a permit, but must drive a different car to the campus, may, with proper I.D., obtain a one-day permits at the SCC Safety Office U-100 or the Admissions Office in the E building.

Disabled Parking Areas
Several areas on campus are designated for Disabled Parking. Vehicles in these areas are required to display a (1) current RSCCD parking permit as well as (2) one of the following: District-issued disabled permit, state placard or special state license plate.  Permits are available in the Disabled Student Center in E-105.

Santiago Canyon College U-100
Safety/Security Department
(714) 628-4730

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