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Campus Safety / Security Department


The mission of the District Safety Department of the Rancho Santiago Community College District is to serve and protect the people and property at all district locations to ensure a safe and secure educational environment that encourages personal and intellectual growth.


Phone Number

(714) 628 4730

​The Campus Safety Department is in operation 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Its primary responsibility is to provide for the security and safety of students, staff, and public on district premises as well as provide for the security of district property.


The District Safety and Security Department at SCC is located in S-100. The telephone number is (714) 628 4730 (or 333 from a campus phone). Anyone needing assistance may call the office phone or by using one of the yellow emergency call-boxes that are located throughout the campus.

If you have a concern or a question, please feel free to contact Lieutenant Pacheco by phone at (714) 628 4989 or by emai​l.


         Important Spring 2021 Parking Information

Welcome to the Spring Semester! 

Parking permits are NOT required for the Spring Semester. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local campus safety office at (714) 628-4730.