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STEM - Science

Science at SCC

Santiago Canyon College is the perfect place to begin your academic study of the sciences.  At SCC, students can complete rigorous coursework in several science-based disciplines, including:

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SCC offers science majors the opportunity to complete many of their core major requirements vital for mastery of undergraduate scientific skills and successful transfer to competitive four-year universities. 
Successful completion of core major requirements often include sequences in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and other scientific disciplines - paving the way for a potential transfer to science programs at the CSU, UC, and Private University levels!
SCC is the ideal place to complete lower division major requirements, making you a competitive transfer student in the sciences!


Why Study Science at SCC?

Students who pursue the sciences at SCC are trained by some of the top instructors in their respective fields.  Science programs at SCC emphasize both theoretical knowledge of core scientific concepts, as well as practical skills for success in research, in the laboratory, and public and private sector employment.

SCC now features a new Science Center - a 60,000 sq. foot facility featuring 12 new laboratories, large lecture halls, an auditorium and classrooms that help to expand the college's current course offerings in the sciences.