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Engineering Course SLOs

Engineering 210 - Engineering Materials 
  • Evaluate the properties of metals, polymers, crystals, ceramics, composites, and semiconductors based on internal structure of the material.
  • Recommend the appropriate materials to meet engineering design criteria based on the materials' properties, structure, and performance. 
Engineering 220 - Statics
  • Analyze and solve equilibrium conditions for a particle, rigid body, or a beam in two or three dimensions.
  • Determine and diagram the forces acting on a particle or rigid body in two or three dimensions.
Engineering 225 - Dynamics
  • Demonstrate qualitative and quantitative understanding of Newtonian Physics and the equations of kinematics and kinetics of 2 and 3 dimensional motion.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of conservation laws in mechanics and apply these principles as an alternative to Newton's law of motion in the solution of dynamics problems.
Engineering 230 - Network Analysis
  • Analyze an electric circuit using various techniques including node and mesh analysis and equivalent circuits.
  • Assemble various circuits and use the appropriate test equipment to analyze the response of the circuit.