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Teacher Education Transfer Counseling

​​​​​​Preparing for a teaching career is a complex process, which involves numerous college, university and state regulations. Accurate planning is essential to ensure a seamless transition to four-year institutions and into teaching careers.  A counselor's primary function is to develop a clear, accurate, and individualized academic plan for each of our future teachers.  We look forward to helping you reach your goal of becoming a credentialed teacher. For more information contact the Pathways to Teaching Program at (714) 628-4928.

​Selecting Courses 

Students pursuing teaching careers generally follow the CSU or the CSU /UC general education certification plans, in conjunction with one the approved subject matter preparation programs and/or additional coursework geared toward the teaching profession. By meeting with an SCC academic counselor and with a university representative, students will be on the pathway to success.

​​​​Sample Academic Plans​

If you are interested in pursuing an Associate Degree and/or Certificate(s) in Education at SCC, we have several sample academic plans for you to review and refer to when you meet with a counselor.  Each plan varies according to students specific educational goal.  

Associate in Arts for Transfer Elementary Education -2 Year Plan College Level English and Math

Associate in Arts for Transfer CHAD with Preschool-TK Certificate

Associate in Arts for Transfer Elementary Education with Special Education focus

Associate in Arts for Transfer Elementary Education with After School Progam Assistant I & II Certificate

Associate in Arts for Transfer for Secondary Teaching (middle school/high school/college)

Choosing a Major

Students who are interested in teaching elementary school (K-6) generally choose the Liberal Arts major. This major provides a broad spectrum of courses that are geared for teaching all general subjects. Students may also choose to major in Child and Adolescent Studies, Human Services, or other subjects; however, they may be required to take additional courses. ​
Students interested in teaching middle school or high school (7-12) generally select the major that they wish to teach (e.g. History, Art, English, Science, Mathematics, etc.). They follow the Single Subject Matter Preparation  Program (SMPP) requirements and/or take the single subject portion of the CSET before entering the credential program.

California State University, Fullerton SSMP programs:

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To make a counseling appointment with a Pathways to Teaching Counselor call 714-628-4800.