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Plan C

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Intersegmental General Education

Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

2014- 2015

Plan C


SCC Course

Area 1 - English Communication


Group A - English Composition

English 101H

Group B - Critical Thinking-English Composition

English 102H, 103H, Philosophy 110H

Group C - Oral Communication (CSU only)

Communication 100H

Area 2 - Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning

Mathematics 180H, 219H

Social Science 219H

Area 3 - Arts and Humanities


Group A - Arts

Art 100H

Music 101H

Group B - Humanities

English 102H

History 101H, 102H

Philosophy 106H

Spanish 102H,

Area 4 - Social and Behavioral Sciences

Anthropology 100H

Communication 225H

Geography 100H

History 120H, 121H

Political Science 101H, 200H

Psychology 100H

Sociology 100H, 140H

Area 5 - Physical and Biological Sciences


Group A - Physical Science


Group A - Biological Science

Biology 109H

Area 6 - Language Other than English (UC Only)

Spanish 101H

American Institutions

Political Science 101H

History 120H and 121H


*For a complete list of all courses and an explanation of the requirements for this plan see the current SCC catalog