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Class Schedule


Spring 2019 Course Offerings

Introduction to Women's Studies—GSWS-101-62158 (62158)

Online (Govea-Von Velasco)


Introduction to Women's Studies—GSWS-101-62159 (62159)

Monday, Wednesday 11:50AM - 01:15PM (Siddiqui)

Introduction to Women's Studies—GSWS-101-62165 (62165)

Online (Siddiqui)


Money, Sex, and Power—GSWS-102-62166 (62166)

Tuesday, Thursday 10:15AM - 11:40AM (Govea-Von Velasco)


Psychology of GenderPSYC-180-61881 (61881)

Online (Umali Kopp)


Women in U.S. History— HIST-127-62709 (62709)

Tuesday, Thursday 08:35AM - 10:00AM (Day)


Human Sexuality—IDS-155-61454 (61454)

Monday, Wednesday 10:15AM - 11:40AM (Siddiqui)


Human Sexuality— IDS-155-61455 (61455)

Online (Gutierrez)


Relationships, Marriages & Family Dynamics—SOC-130-61432 (61432)

Tuesday, Thursday 11:50AM - 01:15PM (Siddiqui)


Relationships, Marriages & Family Dynamics—SOC-130-61448 (61448)

Online (Griffin)


Relationships, Marriages & Family Dynamics—SOC-130-61449 (61449)

Monday, Wednesday 01:30PM - 02:55PM (TBA)


Honors Gender Communication— COMM-225H-60899 (60899)

Tuesday, Thursday 10:15AM - 11:40AM (Kubicka-Miller)

Women in American Politics—POLT-221-61708 (61708)

Tuesday, Thursday 11:50AM - 01:15PM (Carpio)