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English N90/N91/N92 Required Component

​​​​A crucial role of SCC's Writing Center faculty and staff is ​​helping English N60 and 061 students as they fulfill their specific class requirements; however, we also recognize that students taking other English classes as well as those in other disciplines requiring writing often benefit from similar kinds of assistance in completing their assignments.   In order to address these needs, students may enroll in a number of short-term, .2 unit courses each semester: English N90, N91, and N92, which can be found on page 23 of SCC's Spring 2014 Schedule of Classes.  Once registered in an N90 class, students may visit the WC and work with an English professor individually on the following days and times:

English N90* (Ticket #96233/38306): Wednesday, 10:15 - 11:05am; Monday, 5:00-5:50pm

English N91*(Ticket #96317): Monday, 1:30 - 2:20pm

English N92* (Ticket #96312): Tuesday, 9:15 - 10:05am

In order to receive the .2 units of credit for an English N90 course, students must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Spend at least 250 minutes in the Writing Center (H208) over the course of the semester—this does not have to be in any particular blocks of time; you may come as needed for as long as you need during any given open session (during the days and times listed above).

2. While you are in the Center, always be sure you are working on only English material; you might focus on some or all of the following activities:  drafting your English essays using the computer or searching the Internet for research material; conferencing with Writing Center professors to work on assignments, keeping in mind that they will not edit or revise your work for you; and working with CONNECT, our computer-mediated, Internet-based instruction program that contains tutorials and review exercises on a variety of grammar, word usage, punctuation, and style topics.  Writing Center staff can provide you with a temporary access code/password and set you up to work independently during a WC session.  For more information on CONNECT, ask the WC professor.

3. Complete 20 practice sheets outside the Writing Center as homework, bringing them back for correction.   There are 2 kinds of practice sheets:  yellow, which focus on basic parts of the writing process (e.g., topic sentences, supporting ideas, and thesis statements) as well as grammar and punctuation, and blue, which address issues involving critical thinking and are appropriate for English 103 students using the WC.  Because you receive units for this course, it is critical that you complete these practice sheets at home, NOT while you are logged in at the WC.  You may take up to 5 sheets with you at a time, and once you return to the WC with your completed work, you may check the answers in the practice sheets answer key.  Don't forget to show your completed, checked practice sheets to the WC professor so she/he can check them off  for you, which is the last part of this requirement.

​*Students enrolled in English N50 should sign up for Eng N90. Students enrolled in English 101, 102, 103, or any other literature class should sign up for Eng N91. English N92 is open for all disciplines where essay writing is required.​