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Associate in Arts English for Transfer


The Associate in Arts in English for Transfer enables students to develop proficiency in written communication and in the understanding of human nature through the study of language and literature. Completion of the transfer degree in English prepares students to (1) communicate effectively, (2) exercise critical thinking and reasoning, (3) read and write to express creativity, and (4) explore the history of significant literary works. Successful completion of the transfer degree in English guarantees the student acceptance to a California State University to pursue a baccalaureate degree in English or a related field.

Learning Outcome(s)

Upon successful completion of the major requirements for this degree, students will be able to

  • Analyze and evaluate texts, written, visual, and oral, for structure, soundness, and creativity.
  • Compose texts that focus on specific purposes for specific audiences and that demonstrate effective organization, development, grammatical precision, clarity, originality, and correct use of sources.

Major Requirements​​​*      Units
English 102/102H, Literature and Composition
English 103/103H, Critical Thinking and Writing   
Select two (2) courses from the following (List A):  6
English 231, Survey of English Literature (3)
English 232, Survey of English Literature (3)
English 241, Survey of American Literature 1600-1865 (3)
English 242, Survey of American Literature, 1865-Present (3)
English 271, Survey of World Literature (3)
English 272, Survey of World Literature (3)​
Select one (1) course from the following (List B): 
An additional course from List A (may not be a course used to satisfy the 
requirements of List A)
English 211, Creative Writing I/Fiction (3)
English 212, Creative Writing II/Fiction (3)
English 214, Creative Writing I/Poetry (3)
English 215, Creative Writing II/Poetry (3)
Select one (1) course from the following (List C):
An additional course from List A or B (may not be a course used to satisfy the
requirements of List A or B) 
English 220, Survey of the Bible As Literature (3)
English 233A, Shakespeare's Comedies and Romances (3)
English 233B, Shakespeare's Tragedies and History Plays (3)
English 246, Survey of Chicano Literature (3)
English 270, Children's Literature (3)
English 278, Survey of Literature by Women (3)
  TOTAL   20 
​​*Major requirements for the associate degrees are in addition ​to the General Education requirements found in the current college catalog.​​​​