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Spring 2023 Literature Classes

​English 213, Creative Writing

Taught by Professor Will Lennertz, English 213 presents students with an introduction to writing techniques focusing on the four literary genres: poetry, drama, short story, and novel. Class is conducted in a workshop format with an emphasis on writing and critiquing.

#27065 6:00p-9:10p M Lennertz W

English 231, Survey of English Literature I

Taught by Professor Lynnette Beers-McCormick, English 231 introduces students to selections of British literature representing the Anglo-Saxon period to the neo-classical period with an emphasis on writers best exemplifying their period. Authors studied include Chaucer, Shakespeare, Spenser, Jonson, Milton, Donne, Dryden, Johnson, Behn, Pope, and others.

27066 6:00p-9:10p Tu Beers-McCormick L

English 242, Survey of American Literature from 1865 to the present

Taught by Professor Corinna Evett, English 242 offers students a survey of America’s greatest works of literature from 1865 to the present, emphasizing the relationship between various works and general movements in American culture and literary history.

27067 1:30p-2:55p M W Evett C

English 270, Children’s Literature

Taught by Professor Nidzara Pecenkovic, English 270 introduces students to the study of literature for children, emphasizing the history, trends, issues, and evaluation of all major genres: picture books, poetry, drama, traditional literature, non-fiction, and fiction, including full-length works.

27068 8:35a-10:00a M W Pecenkovic N

English 271, Survey of World Literature I

Taught by Professor Lisa DelaCusack, English 271 presents students with a selection of world masterpieces from the beginnings of writing through the 1600s. Literary works are studied in historical context for artistic form, influence on their and others’ cultures, and general contribution to modern and contemporary thought.

27069 10:15a-11:40a Tu Th Dela Cusack L

English 280, Literature of the African Diaspora/Survey of African-American Literature

Taught by Professor Kathy Silvey, Literature of the African Diaspora from 1619 to the present, this course will include literature such as autobiographical works, poetry, short stories, drama, folk tales, novellas, and novels and will introduce students to the qualities of writing of the African Diaspora as they examine the historical, sociopolitical, and cultural complexities in literature of the African Diaspora.

27070 1:30p-2:55p Tu Th Silvey K