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SCC Geology Club

​​​​​The Geology Club at SCC is interested in all aspects of the Earth sciences and the out-of-doors.  Membership in the SCC Geology Club is open to all SCC students.  Attending Geology Club meetings and events are considered to be activity credit for the STEM squared program.

The SCC Geology Club meets every other week during the semester.  Events during Spring Semester 2016 included a weekend field trip to study the geology near Santa Barbara, a day trip for mineral collecting to the San Andreas Fault Zone in Cajon Pass, a club dinner, and participation in campus events such as Earth Day.

Current information on the Geology Club and its plans for Fall Semester 2017 will be posted once the meeting schedule is available.

For more information contact either of the geology professors and/or check for postings on the doors to rooms:

SC-103 Earth Sciences lecture room
SC-206 Geology Lab
SC-217 Professor Hovanitz
SC-218 Professor Brooks

Current Geology Club Officers

Fall 2017

President – Christian Novich
Vice-President – Angela Stewart
Treasurer – to be determined at next club meeting
Secretary – Abby Marin
ICC Rep – to be determined at next club meeting

Past Geology Club Officers

Spring 2017

President – Jazmine Garcia
Vice-President – Jackson Flanagan
Treasurer – Christian Novich
Secretary – Rachel Kreuziger
ICC Reps – Nick Rostrum and Angela Stewart

Fall 2016
President – Rachel Kreuziger
Vice-President – Rachel Timmermans
Treasurer – Andrea Hernandez
Secretary – Jazmine Garcia
ICC Rep – Angela Stewart

Spring 2016

President – Manuel Vejar
Vice-President – Rachel Timmermans
Treasurer – Jackson Flanagan
Secretary – Jazmine Garcia
ICC Rep – Rachel Kreuziger​