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Help For Corinthian College Students

The Santiago Canyon College (SCC) Counseling Department wants you to know that if you were recently enrolled as a student at a Corinthian College, including Heald, Wyotech and Everest Colleges, you may have the right to a closed school discharge of your student loans and the right to a reimbursement from the Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) to cover any additional funds spent on tuition.


You are encouraged to visit the California Office of the Attorney General website at OAG.CA.GOV/CORINTHIAN to learn about your rights and to connect with helpful sources of information. 


SCC is here to help.  Counselors can provide you with information to support you through this difficult time.   Counselors can also help you learn more about SCC's academic and career preparation programs and services and how to get started. 


Feel free to call the Counseling Office at 714-628-4800 or stop by SCC, room D-106 to schedule an appointment and let the staff know you were a Corinthian College student.