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What is a Forensics Team?

  • We are a nationally recognized team in Individual Event Speaking, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Parliamentary Debate and Reader’s Theater.
  • We are students who want to learn how to communicate all of the ideas and opinions running around in our heads.
  • We are friends who travel together, meeting other college students from around the nation.
    No matter what level of learning we begi​n with, we learn how to have more confidence by being a part of this team.
  • Even if we have very busy lives, we can set our own commitment levels and find a place on a nationally recognized speech, debate and theater team.
  • We are people learning skills to be better speakers at school, at work, and in all aspects of our lives.
    We come from all ages and all backgrounds.

Interested in Learning More?


If you are interested in learning more about speech and debate, come and visit us in D-129 or E-Mail: Jared Kubicka-Miller at