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Upcoming Survey Classes

Spring Semester (Feb 9-Jun 5, 2015)

Survey/Mapping Sciences 119, Advanced Plane Surveying (4 units)
Emphasis on coordinate geometry calculations. Route surveying with horizontal and vertical curves. Topographic surveying and mapping. Construction surveying. Introduction to geospatial technologies, boundary surveying and surveys of public lands. Field surveying projects. Assists in passing the land surveyor-intraining exam.
Prerequisite: Survey/Mapping Sciences 118 or possession of a valid Certificate as a Land Surveyor-In-Training (LST) issued by any state. Previous successful completion of Math 160 recommended.
95940 ​06:30-9:30p ​Tuesdays ​Chu Kow, instructor
In addition, Saturday labs meet 8:00am-4:30pm on Mar 14, 28; Apr 18; May 2, 16, 30.
Survey/Mapping Sciences 230, Legal Aspects of Land Surveying II (3 units)
Principles and techniques of boundary control. Interpretation of land descriptions, voluntary and involuntary transfer of property, senior rights, simultaneous conveyances, sequential conveyances, and case law pertaining to boundary disputes. Recommended Preparation: Survey/Mapping Sciences 229.
95989 ​Online
​Tom Propst, instructor
Students must log in to the first day of class to download syllabus, or be dropped. Contact instructor with questions at Requires 3 hours per week online.

Offered through Community Services (Feb 26-May 7, 2015)

Advanced Computer Aided Drafting ($290 fee)
This advanced course will instruct students in the use and capabilities of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Software. The major emphasis is on survey drafting and producing plans and information for use in both the office and field environments. The course is specifically intended for students with land survey training or experience. Recommended preparation: Advanced Plane Surveying, CAD Fundamentals, & Trigonometry.
​97746 6:30-9:45pm​ Thursdays​ Jeff Covey, instructor​
To register for the CAD class, contact Community Services at 714-628-4960, or at