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What is Articulation and Why Should it Matter to Me?

Articulation refers to the process of linking two or more educational systems.  In this case it provides for linking of high school courses to community college courses, allowing you to take articulated high school classes at your high school and possibly earn advanced placement and/or even college credit for those courses. This saves time and provides a jump start to the college experience. And best of all, since these are high school/ROPC courses that you are taking at no cost, you save money on tuition and books.
The Statewide Career Pathways project was developed to benefit you. A number of courses have been articulated with colleges within the California Community College system. These courses have been articulated so that they are accepted throughout the region in which you live, and many are articulated with community colleges throughout the state, so if you move you will still be able to take advantage of these agreements.