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CDEV 2-Year Plan

Course Title Fall-20 Spring-21 Fall-21 Spring-22
CDEV-107 Child Growth & Development x x x x
CDEV-108 Observation & Assessment for x x x x
CDEV-110 Child, Family & Community x x x x
CDEV-111A Principles & Practices of Teac x   x  
CDEV-111B Intro Curriculum Young Child   x   x
CDEV-112 Health, Safety & Nutrition for   x   x
CDEV-116A Infant/Toddler Growth & Develo x   x  
CDEV-116B Infant/Toddler Activities   x   x
CDEV-120A Development of the School-Age x      
CDEV-120B S/A Child Care and Recreation   x    
CDEV-200 Introduction to Technology     x  
CDEV-205 Intro to Children w/ Special x x x x
CDEV-206 Curr Intervention Strategies   x   x
CDEV-207 Supp & Empowering families       x
CDEV-215 Admin I: Programs in Early Ch     x  
CDEV-216 Admin II: Personnel & Leaders     x  
CDEV-217 Creative Music and Perf Arts offered in summer    
CDEV-218 Visual Arts Experiences     offered in summer        
CDEV-220 Child as Victim   x   x
CDEV-221 Living & Teaching in Diverse x x x x
CDEV-229 Brain Development & Learning   x    
CDEV-230 Child Guidance & Class Mgmt x      
CDEV-234 Brain Campatible Guidance       x
CDEV-236 Eng, Math and Science   x    
CDEV-250 Adult Supervision & mentoring   x    
CDEV-297 Teacher Strategies     x  
CDEV-298A Practicum in Early Childhood x   x  
CDEV-298B Practicum Infant Toddler x   x