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Biology Laboratory Schedule


Santiago Canyon College Biology 109 Laboratory Schedule


FALL 2012

Check the dates of your laboratory meetings carefully.

Holidays may cause changes in the schedule of laboratory meetings.


Date                Lab #        Topic                          Quiz #     Pt. Value       

8/27, 9/4-9/7             1         The Scientific Method                                 N/A            


8/28-8/31                              Introduction

9/3                                        Holiday


9/10-9/14                   2         The Microscope                           1              20


9/17-9/21                   3         pH and Macromolecules              2              20

9/24-9/28                   4         Cell Structure and Function        3              20

10-1-10/5                   5         Respiration and Fermentation     4              20

10/8-10/12                 6         Cell Reproduction                         5              20


10/15-10/19           Midterm Practical Exam #1     Labs #1-#6                100


10/22-10/26              7          Genetics                                         6             20

10/29-10/31,             8          Animal Development                     7            20


11/5-11/9                  9          Vertebrate Anatomy                      8             20 

11/12                                    Holiday

11/13-11/16,            10        Flowering Plants                            9             20


11/20-11/21                          Review Lab

11/22-11/23                          Thanksgiving Holiday


11/26-11/30,             11        Field Trip                                          10         20


12/3-12/7                  12        Evolution                                          11      Extra Credit 20*

12/10-12/14             Final Lab Practical Exam  Labs #7-#12                   100




Subtotal                                                                                                      400

Extra Credit*                                                                                              0-40        

Total Possible Points                                                                             400-440    




*Extra Credit: Extra credit may be offered but will not exceed 10% of the 400 points or 40 pts.  0-20 points of the extra credit points can be earned by taking the 11th (extra credit) quiz.  Any additional extra credit (1-20 points) will be awarded at the discrepancy of your instructor and may be given for the proper care and storage of equipment, completion of written exercises in the lab manual, recycling of the completed lab manual at the end of the semester, extra credit questions on quizzes and/or exams, or other demonstrations of learning and/or laboratory participation.  The total amount of extra credit points offered may vary between lab sections but will NOT exceed 40 points.   


**The laboratory exercise for Nov 14-19 is conducted at Irvine Park and therefore this field trip is Mandatory! Attendance is required.


NOTE THE FOLLOWING HOLIDAYS: Sept 3, Nov 12, Nov 22-23, 2011.


QUIZZES: Quizzes are given at the beginning of the class period.  If you are late and the quizzes have already been collected, YOU HAVE MISSED THE QUIZ.  No quizzes are given once the laboratory exercise has started.  You MAY take the quiz in a laboratory section other than the one in which you are registered BUT: 1) you automatically lose 4 points (20%) from your score; 2) you cannot make-up quizzes from previous laboratories; 3) YOU MUST ATTEND THE ENTIRE LABORATORY TO GET CREDIT FOR THE QUIZ!  If you leave before you have completed the laboratory exercise, the instructor is NOT PERMITTED to grade or transmit your quiz to your instructor.  No instructor other than your registered instructor is required to give you a quiz; you must obtain the other instructor’s permission BEFORE taking the quiz in their class.


LABORATORY EXAMS (PRACTICUMS):  Laboratory exams are given ONLY on the scheduled dates. Your laboratory instructor will explain the practicum procedure and when to arrive for the exam. BE ON TIME!  To take a practicum in a lab section other than the one in which you are registered: 1) you must obtain WRITTEN PERMISSION from BOTH your instructor and the instructor in whose class you wish to take the exam at least 24 HOURS BEFORE the exam. Call the Division Office at (714) 628-4771 to contact adjunct instructors.  If you cannot reach your instructor, contact Mike Taylor (714 628-4942) or Denise Foley (714 628-4920) for permission; 2) there is a 20 pt. PENALTY; 3) you must present a PHOTO ID to the instructor giving the test and leave the signed permission slip with them.  Only the instructor of the class you are registered in is required to give you a practicum. YOU MUST OBTAIN PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION.


ATTENDANCE POLICYStudents who miss more than two laboratory classes may be dropped from the class.  If you miss two consecutive labs from your registered laboratory section or the midterm laboratory examination, you MUST inform your instructor to avoid being dropped from the class.  If you decide to stop attending the class, it is your responsibility to officially drop it. DO NOT assume that your instructor will drop you due to absence.



Bring your lab manual and writing instruments.  Wear clothing that can get dirty and shoes that can be used to hike on rough trails (about 2 miles).  School liability does not allow any one not enrolled in the class on the trip. DO NOT BRING friends, family, children, or pets.

Meet at the park1 Irvine Park Road, Orange, CA 92869.  Admission is $5.00 per vehicle (bring quarters). Park in lot #22 or #23 southeast of the pony ride. Meet at the picnic tables.  Your instructor will provide details regarding where to meet.


In case of fire or rain: Your instructor will attempt to e-mail you with an update using the e-mail address provided by the registrar (or in Blackboard if the instructor is using it).  Check for information in your e-mail (including your spam folder) or posted on the door of SC-132. If the information indicates that the trip is canceled or postponed, meet at the laboratory at your scheduled time for Lab #12 (Evolution).  The field trip will be rescheduled, if possible.

Day Students: Meet at the park at your normal lab time or as arranged by your instructor.

Night StudentsMeet at the park according to the following schedule:


Ticket #


Field Trip Time





  8:00 a.m.






8:30 a.m.