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Switching to OneDrive

by Alice Ho​

What is OneDrive? Like Google Drive and Drop Box, OneDrive is a cloud storage and collaboration platform that allows you to create files, share and collaborate on a project. The service is offered by Microsoft.

There are two versions of OneDrive:

  • OneDrive - This is free of charge and tailored for consumer-grade/home based use. It's similar to the free Drop Box and Google Drive Offerings.
  • OneDrive for Business - This comes at a cost since it has more advanced features, but both employees and students get it free of charge as part of our Microsoft Campus Agreement.

As a District employee, you have free access to Office 365 and up to 1 TB storage capacity on OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for Business is an Enterprise grade solution to store data, versus the free consumer grade solutions, which we have no control over and may allow sensitive information to be shared in an uncontrolled fashion or to be accessed by unauthorized parties without our knowledge

One advantage of using OneDrive over Drop Box or Google Drive is that it's fully integrated with Microsoft applications. If you use Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook for work, you can continue accessing, uploading and sharing your files from anywhere by log in to OneDrive on your laptop, the web, or your mobile devices. No need to download and install extra software, or to leave your Office app to log in to a third-party web service. You can also sync those documents to your home computer or office PCs. Office 365 has the same features as the desktop version and the format will not be changed from cloud to desk or desk to mobile.

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With the recent single sign-on portal deployed by ITS, faculty and staff can use their Web Advisor ID and password to sign in ( to OneDrive. No need to create a new Microsoft account or memorize another password, which is nice. You can also download the OneDrive App, so that you can synchronize and access your files without having to log on to the OneDrive website. 

If you haven't tried accessing Office 365 and OneDrive through RSCCD portal, you should take advantage of this service. It's easy to sign in at OneDrive and make a quick change to your Office documents. You will see the familiar interface and all the essential features. No need to carry a USB drive anymore!

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