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by Alfonso Oropeza​
(Director of Academic Support)​


ITS has been busy during the Winter and Spring sessions "deploying" a number of new computers to different student areas within the college. The Admissions lobby area was updated with 10 new HP All-in-One computers. Twenty-five instructor stations in mediated classrooms in the A, B, E, U, and SC buildings were updated. The Star Center B-203 was upgraded with 15 computers. The second floor of the Library had 27 PCs and 10 Macintoshes replaced.

ITS deployed Purple assistive software and video cameras on classrooms instructor stations H218, H231, H232, H234 and H235. This enhancement empowers instructors to place assisted calls using American Sign Language.  A kiosk has also been added to the adjunct faculty area H-218 with this same purpose. The Library and the lobby of Admissions and Records each have a designated station with the same capability for students with similar needs.

ITS began a testing period of the implementation of a "Panic" phone button. This button allows designated areas to have a fast way to alert Security in case of an emergency. The current participating areas are SCC Health Services, SCC Admissions, SCC Financial Aid, SCC CDC, Lorrie Jordan's office, SCC Cashier's office, SCC Security and DO Security.

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