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Bring the Library into Your Online Classroom with the 'EBSCO Reading List Builder'

by Linda Martin (Librarian)

The SCC Library's EBSCO Reading List Builder tool is a plugin that enables you to use the Library's SmartSearch discovery interface to search for EBSCOHost articles, e-Books, streaming video from Films On Demand, and other digital sources directly from Blackboard, and to quickly and easily create reading lists for your students to use.  Students who access course reading lists in Blackboard simply click on an article title to link to the full text.

Features Highlight

When creating your reading lists you can:

  • Add external websites you want students to visit

  • Add instructions and notes about each source

  • Add instructions about print-based readings, i.e., pages to read in the textbook

  • Change the sort order of readings

  • Remove and replace readings

  • Import items from an existing reading list

  • Share reading lists with other instructors

Sample Reading List
sample reading list

Easy to Create

It is quick and easy to create a list of required readings:

  1. Go into Blackboard into the 'content' area to select EBSCO Reading List Builder from the Tools menu

  2. Name the reading list; you may choose to have one main reading list for your course, several unit reading lists, or weekly reading lists

  3. Accessing the newly created list will cause a SmartSearch search box to appear

  4. Search for articles to add to your reading list

  5. Limit search results by full-text, scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles, publication year, as well as other limits

  6. Click on 'Add to Reading List' button for each item you wish to include.  Once you've added items, just click on the 'See Current Reading List' link to review your selections

  7. Go to EBSCO_Reading_List_Builder (002).pdf for more detailed step-by-step instructions.

Here are some ideas for making use of EBSCO Reading List Builder beyond assigned readings:

  • Forums: Hold weekly forum discussions based on assigned readings

  • Annotations: Have students s write annotated summaries to assigned readings

  • Journaling: Have students reflect and then write about their thoughts and impressions about assigned readings

  • Assignments: Assign a graded quiz or essay based on reading list selections

If you have questions, call the Information Desk in the SCC Library at 714-628-5005.