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Faculty Focus

 A great source for instructional strategies
for the college classroom

 by Leah Freidenrich

As instructors, we are always looking for better ways to involve our students in the content of our courses.  Very few of us have had formal courses in pedagogy; we have mainly gleaned our teaching strategies from workshops, conferences and colleagues.  When we consider the learning pyramid, based on educational research, “lecture” is the least effective strategy for long-term learning and internalization of concepts. Instead,  “teaching others” and “discussion” and “practice” are more effective strategies.   

Faculty Focus is a practical, one-page weekly e-newsletter for instructional strategies for college professors. The strategies are submitted by professors across the country, apply across the disciplines and include on-site and online strategies.  In a recent flex workshop, strategies from Faculty Focus touched upon the following topics: Promoting Learning with Better Student Interaction; Guiding Students to Think Critically Using Case Studies; Using the “Speed Dating” model to Enhance Student Learning; Setting the Stage for Learning During the First Class Session and more.  For online classes, recent issues include: Top 10 Rules for Developing Your First Online Course and Discussion Board Assignments: Alternatives to the Question-and-Answer Format and more.

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