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Learning Online with

by Kathy Moore

Santiago Canyon College employees have a great resource available to them for free.  The Professional Learning Network, supported by the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initative (IEPI), is now providing unlimited access to for all California Community College employees at no cost. is an online library of courses on software tools and skills. To learn more, you can watch the introductory movie about the service, and watch How to use [1].

Here are just a few of the benefits to using

  • Courses include a wide variety of technology and disciplines
  • Up-to-date content helps to keep your skills current
  • New courses are added every week
  • Access to instructors' exercise files let you follow along as you watch tutorials
  • Closed captioning and searchable, time coded transcripts for increased comprehension
  • Beginner to advanced courses to learn at your level
  • Watch complete courses or individual tutorials as you need them

To create a profile, navigate to the Learn Academy of the Professional Learning Network. Next, login or register (if you are a first-time user) then click on the link for

student viewing computer monitor 

Please note that if you have been a previous user of and would like to transfer your previous training history, playlists, and bookmarks, you must select "yes" when asked, "Are you a current or former member of" In selecting yes, it will prompt you to type in your old username and password.

If you have any questions regarding signing up for through the Professional Learning Network, please contact


1. DuBreuil, Michelle. "Introducing on the Professional Learning
     Network!" 2 Aug. 2016.