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Web Committee


Maintain an evolving, user-friendly website that promotes Santiago Canyon College and facilitates College services.


The website committee will assist the webmaster with the following responsibilities:


    • Report and make recommendations to the Technology Committee
    • Develop and recommend web related policies and standards
    • Oversee the Design and Underlying Technology
    • Ensure the website stays current with new technology/trends
    • Implement regular data collection methods 
    • Use data collected to guide the framework and infrastructure of the college website
    • Create guiding principles to steer the framework and infrastructure decisions of the college website
    • Work with ITS to set timelines for web engine upgrade and new website deployments.
    • Regularly assess the design of the website and make recommendations for improvement
    • Coordinate with SCC’s graphic designer to update websites images and graphics
    • Create web engine compatible design prototypes based on collected feedback
    • Serve as the liaison between District ITS, college governance groups and content owners.
    • Identify and advocate for web needs and services for the college community.

​​Web Content

    • Assign a core team of members to maintain a calendar of events and time-sensitive information or announcements throughout the college website.
    • Develop and maintain standardized publishing guidelines for content owners.
    • Ensure Signature Programs are provided space for promotion.

Training and Compliance

    • Provide web-publishing training to Santiago Canyon College faculty and staff
    • Provide ADA accessibility training to all content owners to ensure the website is ADA accessible
    • Evaluate the website for ​ADA accessibility


One member will serve as the Chair of the committee


3 Faculty
2 Administrators
2 Classified
1 ITS Representative (non-voting)
1 Student

*One member shall be from continuing education