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Orange County Teacher of the Year

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Facilitated by the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), the Orange County Teacher of the Year (OC TOTY) program recognizes outstanding teachers in Orange County. Four K-12 and one community college teachers are selected as finalists and named Orange County Teacher of the Year. Finalists/winners are presented with a golden apple trophy and a $15,000 check.

Nomination Process:

Each Faculty Excellence winner at Santiago Canyon College may also be nominated for Orange County Teacher of the Year.

Past Faculty Excellence winners who have not been previously nominated for OC TOTY are eligible to be nominated.  The spring prior to nomination, and after the Faculty Excellence vote, the Faculty Recognition Committee will draw a name from the list of eligible nominees and the faculty member selected may opt to accept or decline (those declining can opt to have their name permanently removed from the list or returned back to the list for future selection).

Important dates for the OC TOTY applicants can be found at:

Past Winners of the Orange County Community College Teacher of the Year Award:

  • Alex Taber, 2014
  • Maureen Roe, 2011
  • Cari Cannon, 2009
  • Marcelo Pimentel, 2005

Past SCC Faculty Excellence winners:

  • Michael DeCarbo, 2015
  • Denise Foley, 2014
  • Craig Rutan, 2013 (nominated for OC TOTY 2016)
  • Corinna Evett, 2012
  • Alex Taber, 2011 (finalist OC TOTY 2014)
  • Larry Ball, 2010 (retired)
  • Rick Adams, 2009 (nominated for OC TOTY 2012)
  • Maureen Roe, 2008 (finalist OC TOTY 2011)
  • Ian Woodhead, 2007 (nominated for OC TOTY 2010)
  • Cari Cannon, 2006 (finalist OC TOTY 2009)
  • Leah Friedenrich, 2005 (nominated for OC TOTY 2008)
  • Marcelo Pimentel, 2004 (finalist OC TOTY 2005)
  • John West, 2003
  • Elizabeth Elchlepp, 2002
  • Bob Ash, 2001
  • Rosi Enriquez & Terry Tomlinson (Cont. Ed), 2000

Past SCC Faculty Excellence winners still eligible to be nominated for OC TOTY:

  • Michael DeCarbo, 2015
  • Denise Foley, 2014
  • Corinna Evett, 2012