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Hiring Request Forms, Process and Results

Process for Requesting a Faculty Position

  1. PLAN AHEAD! Ensure that your Department Planning Portfolio has identified the position as necessary.
  2. Any member of the department may submit a request; however this is typically done as a group effort.
  3. A notification from the Senate President will be sent out during fall Flex Week with the deadlines for that year.
  4. Begin creating your request during fall Flex Week.  This will allow for discussion during Department Meetings. Anticipate your needs in the spring, so that you begin the fall semester with the idea that you will be requesting a position.
  5. Ensure that you notify your senator of your request.
  6. Request data from the Vice President of the Academic Senate by the Wednesday of Week 1 at 5 p.m.  There will be an email reminder about this during fall flex week. You will receive your data by Wednesday of Week 2 or sooner.
  7. Complete the Faculty Hiring Request Form in collaboration with your department chair, senator and division dean.
  8. Submit the Faculty Hiring Request Form by Thursday of Week 3 – by 5 p.m.
  9. Remember that this form will become the source of information to advocate your position. The Senate has adopted this Faculty Hiring Request Form to be the only method by which the Senate will consider requests. Following the discussion in Senate, the prioritized list is sent to the college President who makes the final decision on faculty hires.

Timeline for Requesting a Faculty Position

Instructions for Submitting Position Requests Rankings

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