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Faculty Excellence Award


Each year, SCC recognizes one full-time faculty, one adjunct faculty, and one adjunct Continuing Education faculty with a Faculty Excellence Award. Nominations are submitted by faculty, classified staff, students, and administrators.

Recipients are recognized at the annual SCC Recognition Awards Ceremony during the spring semester. The adjunct winners each receive $250 and a plaque. The full-time winner receives a plaque and a $2,500 stipend for the lecture to be presented the following fall semester.

Nominations and selection of winners typically occur during March and April. If there is a tie, the Faculty Recognition Committee will vote for final selection. Past recipients are not eligible for re-nomination. Only the full-time recipient will have the opportunity to be nominated for Orange County Teacher of the Year.

Past Full-Time Faculty Award Winners:

​Steven Deeley        2022
​Rick Adams                 2009
Leonor Aguilera     2021
​Maureen Roe              2008
Joe Geissler              2019 (posthumous)
​Ian Woodhead            2007
​​Robbie Miller           2018
​​Cari Cannon                2006
Lisa Camarco           2017
​Leah Freidenrich         2005
Barry Resnick           2016
Marcelo Pimentel        2004
​​Michael DeCarbo     2015
​John West                     2003
Denise Foley             2014
​Elizabeh Elchlepp        2002
​Craig Rutan               2013
​​Bob Ash                        2001
​Corinna Evett           2012
​​Rosi Enriquez               2000
Alex Taber                 2011
​Terry Tomlinson          2000, Continuing Education
​​​Larry Ball                   2010


Past Adjunct Faculty Award Winners:

​Rick Ackerman
​Kirby Matter
​Lynnette Beers-McCormackGregory Sebourn​
​Emma Breeden​
Mike Varisco
​Shane Cadman
Lothar Vallot
​Phillip CrabillMelody Vaught
​Julie Davis
Karen Hersom   2017
​Linda Dressler
Sheryl Donchey  2018
​Dora Escobar
Alana Gates     2019
​Greg Kishel
​Amanda Campbell    2021
​​Lisa Hermen
Robert Waldren   2022


Past Continuing Education Adjunct Faculty Award Winners:

​Leslie Crucil​​Ann Wu
​Mina EsfandiariClarice Da Fonseca 2017
​Futoshi Nakagawa
Adriel Samaniego   2018
​Jennifer Rincon
Rocio Silvia Diaz    2019
Denise SalcidoTony Trapoli    2021
​Michelle Sandoval
Ricardo Chavez   2022
​Dawn Thurston​