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Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee


As Santiago Canyon College’s central planning committee, the Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) committee is charged with reviewing all requests for resource allocation and making recommendations to the College Council.


​​· Review all college planning documents and ensure that recommendations are consistent with those plans

· Review college-wide resource allocation requests and evaluate them based on how well they support the college mission and meet institutional goals

· Utilize, evaluate, and revise rubrics for resource allocation, expansion, and contraction recommendations

· Review all requests to “Apply for a Grant” and assess short / long term implications ​including financial viability

· Consult with the Santiago Canyon College Budget Committee to determine available funding for PIE prioritized recommendations and refine recommendations based on feedback from the SCC Budget Committee

· Regularly administer a survey to seek input for improvement of planning processes from the college community

· Assess progress toward achieving stated institutional goals

· Provide annual planning cycle to the college community​


One Administrator and Academic Senate President


4 College Vice Presidents

Assistant Dean, Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

3 Classified Staff with 1 from Student Services/Support Services (appointed by CSEA)

1 Student

12 Faculty—One each from the following areas: 

      • Academic Senate President or designee
      • Budget Committee Chair or designee
      • CIC Chair or designee
      • Continuing Education
      • EMC Committee Chair or designee
      • EMPC Chair or designee
      • Facility Committee Chair or designee
      • Honors Committee Chair or designee 
      • Library
      • Student Services/Support Services
      • Student Success Committee Chair or designee
      • Technology Committee Chair or designee​​​