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SEMC Membership


Darlene Diaz- Faculty

Aaron Voelcker- Administrator

Division Deans:

Michelle Samura- AHSS
Elizabeth Arteaga- BCE 

Starr Avedesian*- DSPS

Martin Str​inger​- MS

Jennifer Coto- Counseling & Student Support Services​

Christine Gascon, Joanne Armstrong- CE

Aaron Voelcker- IELLSS

Assistant Dean of Admissions and Records:

Tuyen Nguyen​

Director of Student Information Systems:

​​Se​​rgio Rodriguez​

Public Information Officer (*non-voting):

​​Lilia​ Rodriguez​

​​Articulation Officer: 

Leonor Aguilera​​

​​Curriculum and Instruction Council Chair or Designee:

​​Darlene ​​​​​Diaz

Classified Membership (3):

Christine Martinez- Cashiers ​
AJ Cully- Counseling 
Roxzel Soto Tellez- AHSS


Ryan Foley

Faculty Membership:

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (2):

​​Scott Howell
Marcelo Pimentel

​Business and Career Education (2):

Regina Lamourelle
​Andy Salcido

​​Continuing Education (1):

Jorge Saucedo-Daniel​

Mathematics and Sciences (2):

Darlene Diaz​
Amanda Henry


Narges Rabii


 Rudy Carrion

DSPS Faculty:



Barbara Sproat