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Psi Beta Officer Roles

Responsibilities of Each Officer




  • Plans agendas for business meetings
  • Conducts meetings, using parliamentary procedure
  • Communicates with and assists Psi Beta faculty advisor regularly
  • Appoints committees, assigns tasks, and follows up
  • Votes in a tie
  • Keeps notebook of agendas, calendar of activities, and deadlines
  • Keeps roster of email addresses of all members
  • Emails announcements to members on a regular basis



Prepare Agenda in advance and have copies available to all members. Use the agenda, the fixed order of business, as a structure for setting the atmosphere for business. The first impression is the most important. Begin on time and follow the agenda. Enforce the rules of parliamentary procedure consistently and firmly. Be fair and courteous to all. Make decisions without delay, whenever possible.

•   Do only one thing at a time.

•   Finish each action before introducing something new.

•   Be organized, presenting all information in a logical order.




Sample Psi Beta Chapter Meeting Agenda

Date, time and location of meeting

      I.    Call to order (beginning time)

     II.    Roll call or sign in sheet for all members present

    III.    Reading and approval of the minutes of last meeting

   IV.    Officers’ reports (Treasurer, Vice-President, etc.)

    V.    Committee reports (List committee and chairperson)

   VI.    Old business or unfinished business (Itemized)

  VII.    New Business (Itemized)

VIII.    Announcements

   IX.    Adjournment (expected time to end)


•   Conducts meetings in president’s absence

•   Serves as Program Chair—Chairs one Program Committee or oversees committees ­appointed for each type of program or event

•   Works with committee members to obtain speakers and meeting facilities

•   Introduces speakers

•   Registers all events on college calendar

•   Notifies Publicity Director of all relevant information in ample time for publicity


Sample Program/Activity Organizer

(Date registered on college activities calendar)

Program Title

Committee, committee chair, and sponsor in charge of event

Date of event

Time of Event

Location of event

Anticipated Attendance

Speakers needed

Refreshments needed

Equipment needed

Materials needed

Transportation needed

Total cost and how funded

Paperwork to be filed with administration

Members to set up

Members to clean up

Invitations to be sent

Date publicity to begin

Thank you notes to be sent


Task                                     Person in Charge                  Deadline  Date Completed

Evaluation by officers and sponsors—signed and dated

•   Basis used (attendance, revenue, feedback, etc.)

•   Recommend repeat program next year

•   Recommend not repeat program and why

•   Modifications recommended if repeated


Secretary/ Treasurer

•   Records and reads minutes at meetings

•   Handles correspondence for chapter, including thank you notes to speakers, donors etc…

•   Takes roll at meetings

•   Keeps copy of membership registration forms in notebook

•   Keeps list of all committees and reports in notebook

•   Keeps agendas, minutes, roll of members in notebook for next secretary

•   Keeps financial records of expenditures and receipts

•   Collects and records registration fees, chapter dues

•   Balances chapter checkbook regularly, including reconciling with the bank statement or regularly verifies Psi Beta's funds in the school account

•   Reports financial status (income, expenses, balance) at business meetings

•   Keeps a notebook of records to hand to next treasurer (includes financial transactions, income and expenditures reports, receipts, copies of order forms and registration forms sent to the national office, budgets of past and present years

•   Notifies members when chapter needs additional funds for events


Minutes are the official record of all business transacted at a business meeting. They should follow the order of the agenda and include all motions seconded, whether adopted or rejected. When the secretary reads the minutes at the following meeting, the members will vote approval as they stand or will make motions to amend them first. Amendments should be recorded. It is helpful for the secretary to keep the minutes in a loose-leaf notebook (in order) with committee lists, committee reports, attendance records, and the agendas for each meeting.

Sample Worksheet for Psi Beta Meeting Minutes

Type of meeting

Date, Time started, Location

Presiding Officer

Persons present and absent (can attach list)

Approval of previous minutes and any amendments

Important facts from officers’ reports

Committee reports (can attach)

Motions and the results.

Summary of any other actions

      I.   (Or can list agenda items and actions.)








Time meeting adjourned

Date, Time, and Location of next meeting        

Signed by the Secretary/Treasurer


Sample Financial Report


Balance in account on date of last report

                    Income since last report

                                      Registration fees for the National Office

                                      Chapter dues

                                      Supply orders for National Office


                                      Student Activities Fund


                    Expenses since last report

                                      Registration fees for the National Office

                                      Supply orders to National Office



                                      Contributions to community

                                      Field trip, program, project, conference


Publicity Director


q Places announcements on Psi Beta bulletin board

q Publicizes Psi Beta meetings, events, announcements, award deadlines

q Sends announcements/news releases to college public relations department

q Arranges with college for news media coverage of special programs/events

q Keeps Director of Student Activities informed about Psi Beta activities

q Keeps notebook of all announcements and news releases in chronological order

Sample News Release or Announcement

(Use black type, double space, upper and lower case letters, no superlatives.)

Date of release to news media or to the college Public Relations Office

Sponsor: College Psi Beta Chapter

Faculty Advisor

Contact person (publicity chair), address, phone number


Title of event (Speaker, film, induction ceremony, community service project, etc)


Date of event                      Time                     Location


Factual information about event