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Facilities and Safety Committee

The Facilities and Safety Committee reviews and recommends safety issues, capital outlay projects and facility modifications, revises the college’s Facilities Master Plan for the district in context of the current Educational Master Plan, and makes appropriate recommendations on new facilities and facility modifications through the shared governance process (including to the College Council). It develops and maintains the College Safety Plan that coordinates with district, state, and federal mandates. 

  • Review the scheduling of safety drills, the facilitation of staff training, and the provision for required safety/emergency equipment
  • Review requests from departments for facilities space and make recommendations for approval and implementation (including to College Council)
  • Review and update the Facilities Master Plan and forward any recommendations to appropriate committees/councils (including to College Council) for approval
  • Review the annual State Scheduled Maintenance Program and recommend changes if necessary
  • R​eview and a​ddress general issues related to custodial service, building maintenance, and utility usage
One faculty and the Vice President of Administrative Services or designee will serve as co-chairs.

  • Vice President of Admini​strative Services (co-chair)
  • Faculty (co-chair)
  • 1 Administrator
  • 6 Faculty
  • 4 Classified (appointed by CSEA)
  • 2 Students​ (one non-voting member)​