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Distance Education Program Committee (DEPC)


The mission of the Santiago Canyon College Distance E​ducation Program Committee (DEPC) is to steer the Distance Education Program and work with the Distance Education Coordinator to establish standards, procedures, and​ policies that contribute to the quality and growth of the program. 


  • Assist the Coordinator in reviewing, creating, and revising distance education standards, procedures, and policies.
  • Assist the Coordinator in reviewing and setting program goals/objectives
  • Assist the Coordinator in promoting and publicizing the Distance Education Program
  • Evaluate evolving trends in distance education and construct recommendations for integrating effective practices into standards, policies, and/or procedures.
  • Review and make recommendations for program pathways (degrees, certificates, course offerings) as compiled by academic divisions
  • Review, make recommendations, and approve Distance Education Addendums before submission to the Curriculum and Instruction Council for approval
  • Review and revise expected learning outcomes for the online teaching certificate program
  • Assist with Distance E​ducation website content and design
  • Create and maintain an online teaching community 


The Distance Education Coordinator and Vice President, Academic Affairs or designee will serve as co-chairs.


Faculty DEPC members will be selected to adequately represent the faculty at large. Members will have one live or online synchronous meeting per semester and asynchronous conversations/meetings throughout the year.

Membership will include the following members:
  • Distance Education Program Coordinator (Co-Chair)
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs or designee (Co-Chair)
  • 1 Faculty member from each Division. (5)
  • 1 At-large Faculty member
  • 1 Director of Student Information Support 
  • 1 Classified representative (Student Services) 
  • 1 Student representative


​October 2018
October 2018 Agenda.pdf
October 2018 Minutes.pdf
September 2019
​​September 2019 Agenda.pdf
September 2019 Minutes.pdf