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Associate of Arts for Transfer: Gender Studies (37133)

Learning Outcome(s)

Upon successful completion of the major requirements for this degree, students will be able to

  • Demonstrate familiarity with gender theories, concepts, findings, assessments, problems, institutions, history, and trends within the field of Social Justice and Gender Studies.
  • Articulate perspectives of social justice, institutional oppression, marginalized groups, intersectional identities, and social institutions through a gendered lens.
Major Requirements Units​
ETHN 101: Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3
SOC 150: Introduction to Race and Ethnicity 3
SOC 220: Introduction to Gender and Sexualities 3
Select one (1) of the following course (Core):

CHST 101: Introduction to Chicano Studies
ETHN 101: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
GSWS 101: Introduction to Women's Studies


Select three (3) courses from at least two of the following areas (List A):
Area 1: History or Government
HIST 127: Women in U.S. History (3)
POLT 221: Women in American Politics (3)
Area 2: Arts and Humanities  
ENGL 278: Survey of Literature by Women(3)
PHIL 120: Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy(3)
Area 3: Social Science
COMM 120/120H: Introduction to Intercultural Communication (3)
PSYC 180​: Psychology of Gender (3)
Area 4: Quantitative Reasoning and Research Methods​ ​
SOC 120: Introduction to Sociological Research Methods (3)
Area 5: Major Preparation Units (may not be a course to satisfy the core requirements)
CHST 101: Introduction to Chicano Studies (3)
ETHN 101: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3)
GSWS 101: Introduction to Women's Studies (3)
GSWS​ 102: Money, Sex, and Power(3)

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