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Revised Course Titles

Apprenticeship Carpentry
  • ACA 034B: Solid and Stone Surfaces (formerly ACA 034B: Solid Surface and Stone Countertops)

  • ASTR 100L: Astronomy Laboratory (formerly ASTR 140: Astronomy Laboratory)
  • ASTR 102: Introduction to Stars and Galaxies (formerly ASTR 110: Introduction to Stars and Galaxies)
  • ASTR 103: Introduction to the Solar System (formerly ASTR 109: Introduction to the Solar System)

  • BIOL 191: Biotech A: Basic Lab Skills (formerly BIOL 191: Biotechnology A: Basic Lab Skills)
  • BIOL 192: Biotech B: Proteins (formerly BIOL 192: Biotechnology B: Proteins)
  • BIOL 193: Biotech C: Nucleic Acids (formerly BIOL 193: Biotechnology C: Nucleic Acids)

  • COMM 135: Readers’ Theatre (formerly COMM 135: Reader’s Theatre)

Computer Science 
  • CMPR 157: Introduction to Robotics (formerly CMPR 157: Introduction to Robotics Programming)

  • DNCE 106A: Modern Dance Fundamentals (formerly DNCE 106A: Introduction to Modern Dance)
  • DNCE 106B: Intermediate Modern Dance (formerly DNCE 106B: Introduction to Modern Dance)
  • DNCE 108A: Ballet Fundamentals (formerly DNCE 108A: Introduction to Ballet)
  • DNCE 108B: Intermediate Ballet (formerly DNCE 108B: Introduction to Ballet))
  • DNCE 115A: Tap Dance Fundamentals (formerly DNCE 115A: Introduction to Tap Dance)
  • DNCE 115B: Intermediate Tap Dance (formerly DNCE 115B: Introduction to Tap Dance)
  • DNCE 119A: Jazz Dance Fundamentals (formerly DNCE 119A: Introduction to Jazz Dance)
  • DNCE 119B: Intermediate Jazz Dance (formerly DNCE 119B: Introduction to Jazz Dance)

  • GEOG 150: Exploring Maps and Geographic Technologies (formerly GEOG 150: Map Interpretation and Analysis)

  • PSYC 220: Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology (formerly PSYC 219: Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology)

Adult Basic Education 
  • ABE 009: Academic Skills (formerly ABE 009: Adult Basic Education)

Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies 
  • GSWS 101: Introduction to Women’s Studies (formerly WMNS 101: Introduction to Women’s Studies)
  • GSWS 102: Money, Sex, and Power (formerly WMNS 102: Women in America: Work, Family, Self)