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Associate of Science for Transfer: Nutrition and Dietetics (35735)

Learning Outcome(s) 

Upon successful completion of the major requirements for this degree, students will be able to

  • Effectively demonstrate knowledge of nutrition science including an analysis of information sources, and an examination of the scientific method in relation to current nutrition research
  • Analyze and explain the relationship between diet, lifestyle, and health outcomes, within the framework of cultural and social influences
Major Requirements Units
NUTR 115: Nutrition3
BIOL 229: General Microbiology5
CHEM 200A/200AH: General Chemistry A5
PSYC 100/100H: Introduction to Psychology3
Select two (2) courses from the following (List A):4-5
BIOL 239: General Human Anatomy (4)
BIOL 249: Human Physiology (4)
CHEM 200B: General Chemistry B (5)
CHEM 280A: Organic Chemistry A (5)
MATH 219/219H: Statistics and Probability (4)
Select one (1) course from the following (List B): 4-5
Any list A course not already used.
NUTR 120: Food and Culture (3)
TOTAL 27-30

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