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Associate of Arts: Modern Languages (11925)

Learning Outcome(s) 

Upon successful completion of the major requirements for this degree, students will be able to

  • Comprehension and application of grammatical structures, appropriate vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, cultural perspectives and mores of the target language to communicate orally and in writing in the target language in culturally appropriate ways
  • Synthesize, analyze and evaluate target language to derive meaning of implicit and explicit written material and spoken messages in authentic cultural context
Major Requirements Units
Courses in one of the languages listed below13
Course(s) in a second language from the list below5
Restricted Electives3-5
French Courses
FREN 101: Elementary French I(5)
FREN 102: Elementary French II(5)
FREN 194: Conversation and Composition I(5)
FREN 201: Intermediate French I(5)
FREN 202: Intermediate French II(5)
​​Italian Classes
ITAL 101: Elementary Italian I(5)
ITAL 102: Elementary Italian I(5)
ITAL 194: Conversation and Composition(3)
ITAL 195: Advance Conversational Italian(3)
ITAL 201: Intermediate Italian I
ITAL 202: Intermediate Italian II(5)

Spanish Classes
SPAN 101/101H: Elementary Spanish I 

SPAN 101A: Elementary Spanish IA
SPAN 101B: Elementary Spanish IB



SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II
​SPAN 110: Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 
​SPAN​ 111: Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2
SPAN 194: Beginning Conversational Spanish
SPAN 195A: Advanced Conversational Spanish
SPAN 195B: Advanced Conversational Spanish
SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 202: Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 213: College Spanish Composition
Restricted Electives:
Any course listed above in a third language (3-5)
ANTH 100/100H: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ART 101: Survey of Western Art History I: Prehistory Through the Middle Ages
ART 102: Survey of Western Art History II: Renaissance Through the Twentieth Century
CHNS 101: Elementary Chinese I
CHNS 102: Elementary Chinese II
COMM 100/100H: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
ENGL 102/102H: Literature and Composition
ENGL 271: Survey of World Literature I
ENGL 272: Survey of World Literature II
GEOG 100/100H: World Regional Geography
HIST 101/101H: World Civilizations to the 16th Century
HIST 102/102H: World Civilizations Since the 16th Century
HIST 124: Mexican-American History in the United States
POLT 101/101H: Introduction to American Government
POLT 220: International Politics
TOTAL 21-23

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