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Associate of Arts: English (11928)

Learning Outcome(s)

Upon successful completion of the major requirements for this degree, students will be able to

  • Compose texts that focus on specific purposes for specific audiences and that demonstrate effective organization, development, grammatical precision, clarity, originality, and correct use of sources
  • Analyze and evaluate texts, written, visual, and oral, for structure, soundness, and creativity
Major Requirements Units
ENGL 101/101H: Freshman Composition4
ENGL 102/102H: Literature and Composition4
ENGL 103/103H: Critical Thinking and Writing4
Select one (1) sequence from the following:6
ENGL 231, 232: Survey of English Literature (3, 3)3
ENGL 241, 242: Survey of American Literature (3, 3)3
ENGL 271, 272: Survey of World Literature (3, 3)3
Select four (4) courses from the following:12
No more than 3 units in either English 211, 212, 214, or 215 may be used for the required 12 units of electives.
ENGL 213​: Creative Writing
ENGL 220: Survey of The Bible as Literature(3)
ENGL 231: Survey of English Literature I(3)
ENGL 232: Survey of English Literature II(3)
ENGL 233A: Shakespeare's Comedies and Romances(3)
ENGL 233B: Shakespeare's Tragedies and History Plays(3)
ENGL 241: Survey of American Literature, 1600-1865
ENGL 242: Survey of American Literature, 1865-Present(3)
ENGL 246: Survey of Chicano Literature(3)
ENGL 270: Children's Literature(3)
ENGL 271: Survey of World Literature I(3)
ENGL 272: Survey of World Literature II(3)
ENGL 278: Survey of Literature by Women(3)


Students planning to transfer to 4-year schools should consult with English departments at those institutions regarding specific lower division requirements and unit limits.

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