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Certificate of Proficiency: Special Education Paraprofessional

Learning Outcome(s)

Upon successful completion of the requirements for this certificate, students will be able to

  • Demonstrate analysis and knowledge of the personal and team roles and responsibilities of the Special Education Paraeducator in the public school which includes diagnosis and implementation strategies for students with special needs
Certificate Requirements Units
CNSL 118: Self Exploration and the Teaching Profession2
EDUC 209: Roles and Responsibilities of the Special Education Paraprofessional3
EDUC 211: Classroom Practices for Diverse Learners3

CDEV 107: Child Growth and Development (DS1)
PSYC 157: Introduction to Child Psychology



CDEV 205: Introduction to Children with Special Needs3
CDEV 206: Curriculum and Strategies for Children with Special Needs3


Students planning to transfer to CSU Fullerton's Human Services major—Person's with Disabilities Track will receive up to 17 units of credit toward the major if they have satisfactorily completed the requirements for this certificate.

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