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Associate in Arts for Transfer: Elementary Teacher Education (31735)

​Learning Outcome(s)

Upon successful completion of the major requirements for this degree, students will be able to

  • Identify elements of diversity and diverse learning styles in student populations and discover how teachers and schools can promote learning for all students
  • Demonstrate proficiency in 14 content areas required for subject matter competency for elementary teachers
Major Requirements Units
EDUC 200: Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching3
BIOL 115: Concepts in Biology for Educators4
COMM 110: Public Speaking3
ENGL 101/101H: Freshman Composition4
ENGL 102/102H: Literature and Composition4
ERTH 121: Earth Sciences for Educators4
GEOG 100/100H: World Regional Geography3
HIST 101/101H: World Civilizations to the 16th Century3
HIST 120/120H: The United States to 18773
CDEV 107: Child Growth and Development (DS1)3
MATH 203: Fundamental Concepts of Elementary Mathematics4
POLT 101/101H: Introduction to American Government3
PSC 100: Survey of Chemistry and Physics4
Select one (1) course from the following (List A): 4
ENGL 103/103H: Critical Thinking and Writing (4)
PHIL 110: Critical Thinking (4)
Select one (1) course from the following (List B):3
ART 100/100H: Introduction to Art Concepts(3)
DNCE 100: Dance History and Appreciation(3)
MUS 101/101H: Music Appreciation(3)
THEA 100: Introduction to Theatre
Up to eight (8) units from the following (List C): 8
EDUC 101: American Schools and Society(3)
EDUC 110: The Teaching Experience: Exploration(3)
EDUC 204: Proficiency in Educational Technologies for Secondary Teachers(3)
ANTH 104: Language and Culture(3)
ENGL 231: Survey of English Literature I(3)
ENGL 232: Survey of English Literature II (3)
ENGL 241: Survey of American Literature, 1600-1865 (3)
ENGL 242: Survey of American Literature,1865-Present (3)
ENGL 270: Children's Literature (3)
ENGL 271: Survey of World Literature I (3)
ENGL 272: Survey of World Literature II (3)
ETHN 101: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3)
FREN 102: Elementary French II (5)
HIST 133: History of California (3)
MATH 105: Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students (3)
MATH 219/219H: Statistics and Probability (4)
PHIL 106/106H: Introduction to Philosophy (3)
PHIL 108: Ethics (3)
PHIL 112: World Religions (3)
SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II (5)

California State University campuses have preferences on which List C courses should be chosen.


California State University Fullerton prefers one of the following:

Anthropology 104 or English 270 or English 231, 232, 241, or 242


California State University Long Beach prefers these courses: Ethnic

Studies 101, Education 204, and Philosophy 106 or 108 or 112.


At SCC Mathematics 105 is a prerequisite to Mathematics 203 and may reduce the number of elective units in List C to 5 units.

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