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Associate of Science for Transfer: Geology (32044)

Learning Outcome(s)

Upon successful completion of the major requirements for this degree, students will be able to

  • Demonstrate an understanding of geological processes based upon observation of Earth materials and features
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of geology
Major Requirements Units
ERTH 100: Physical Geology3
ERTH 100L: Physical Geology Laboratory1
ERTH 111: Historical Geology4
MATH 180/180H: Single Variable Calculus I4
MATH 185: Single Variable Calculus II4


Students are encouraged to take additional articulated major preparation courses prior to transfer such as, PHYC 250A and 250B and BIOL 211. While these additional courses are not required for this degree, completion of these courses will better prepare students for upper-division Geology courses at a CSU or a UC. It is highly recommended that students meet with an SCC counselor to discuss possible courses for major preparation for either the CSU system or the UC system, because CSU campuses do not all have identical requirements, and CSU requirements are also not identical to UC requirements.

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