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Vocational: Warehousing (VWHS)


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Christine Gascon
Coordinators/Chair:Daniel Oase
​​Jorge Saucedo-Daniel​
Jacqueline Strobel​
Phone:(714) 628-5999

Certificate of Completion: Warehousing (33562)
The Certificate of Completion in Warehousing provides instruction, demonstration and discussion of topics that are critical for the entry level warehouse worker. Students will apply the concepts and skills needed in receiving, storing, and issuing a variety of supplies in a warehouse and maintain accurate records of the transactions. Prepares students for positions including Central Supply Technicians, Inventory Control Clerks, Inventory Takers, Linen Clerks, Order Pullers, Pickers, Stockers, Storekeepers, Supply Clerks Ticketers, and Tool-Crib Attendants. Specialties within this occupation include: Mailing Clerks, Merchandisers, Sales Floor Stock Clerks, Stockroom, Warehouse or Storage Yard Stock Clerks, and Wholesale and Retail Sales Order Fillers.​