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Career Development and College Preparation Programs


Continuing education courses are listed by subject on the following pages. Course numbers are listed at the beginning of each course title.

Open entry/open exit courses are noted in the course descriptions. Students may enroll at any time in these courses and begin class immediately, provided there is space available. Students progress at their own rate and may exit from the class at any time upon satisfactory completion of the required work.

All credits listed are high school credits. Ten high school credits represent a minimum of 144 hours of study. In open entry/open exit courses, students earn credits by meeting individual competency-based objectives.

Some courses offer a certificate of course completion upon completion of all course requirements. A certificate of course completion does not appear on the official transcript.

Completion of Career Development and College Preparation (CDCP) program coursework appears on the student transcript. In addition, the student may request an official program certificate be issued for successful completion of all CDCP program coursework.

The class schedule should be consulted for current offerings.

​Adult Basic Education
English as a Second Language
ESL Advanced
ESL Beginning
ESL Beginning Multilevel
        ESL Civics
ESL Communication
ESL Intermediate
ESL Intermediate Communication
ESL Intermediate Multilevel
ESL Intermediate Writing
ESL Literacy
        ESL Program
Enhanced Beginning ESL Skills
        Enhanced Intermediate ESL Skills
Vocational ESL
High School Subjects
College Readiness
College Preparation Algebra
        High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)
        Secondary Education
        Student Leadership
​Secondary Education/GED Preparation
​​Vocational: Business
3-D Printing/Advanced Manufacturing
Customer  Service Representative
Digital Marketing
        Executive Secretary / Administrative Assistant 
First-Line Supervisor /  Manager, Office and Administrative Support Workers 
General Office Clerk
Home-based Business
        Medical Billing
Multi-Media Artist and Animators 
Receptionist/Information Clerk 
Web Associate
​Vocational: Clothing 
Commercial Textile Worker
​​​Vocational: Construction 
Construction Laborer​
​​Vocational: Food
Commercial and Institutional Food Preparation
Vocational: Medical
Caregiver / Personal Care Aide
        Healthcare Support Worker
        Home Health Aide
        Medical Assistant
        Nursing Assistant
        Nuese Assistant Acute Care
Vocational: Shelter Dog Training
Vocational: Warehousing
​​Workforce Preparation​
Basic Employment Skills
        Effective Communication Skills
Employment Readiness
General Medical Office Clerk
Office Leadership Skills
        Technical Skills for Higher Learning
Transition to Higher Learning
        Understanding and Supporting Employees with Disabilities​​
        Workforce Skills​