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Criminal Justice

​​​​​​​Answering the Call: Criminal Justice @ SCC

Careers in Criminal Justice can be fast-paced. They can be fraught with danger. For those with a desire to make a positive impact on the world around them, they can be extremely fulfilling. If high-pressure situations don't faze you, SCC can get you started in the high-demand field of Criminal Justice!

While SCC's Criminal Justice program offers no degrees or certifications of its own, it does offer several transfer courses which complement the comprehensive Criminal Justice program certificates and degrees available through Santa Ana College. Convenient day and night options make these classes a flexible and fully transferable alternative for those who cannot take them at Santa Ana College.

Through Santa Ana College, individuals have the choice of Associate in Science degrees in both Criminal Justice and Administration of Justice for Transfer, which not only prepare students for entry-level jobs in law enforcement and private security, but also provide the courses necessary for transfer to a four-year college.

For those who know they want to work as Peace Officers, a Certificate of Achievement in Law Enforcement is the way to go. This program provides Police Academy training to prepare students for entry-level employment as a patrol or police officer.

Similarly, the Corrections Officer Certificate of Achievement is designed to upgrade the skills of current criminal justice professionals with knowledge of new procedures, policies, and judicial rulings with a special focus on the field of corrections.

If you have a passion for public service, SCC can help you answer the call!

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​​​​​Your Career Education degree or certificate opens doors to bigger paychecks, broader opportunities, and more!

  • Patrol Officer - $101,470
  • Police Detective - $95,560
  • Security Guard - $27,710
  • Bailiff - $54,720
  • Correctional Officer - $75,480
  • Probation Officer - $86,550
  • Lawyer - $149,670
  • Paralegal - $57,300

Santiago Canyon College’s Criminal Justice program offers transferable classes for students enrolled in the Criminal Justice program at Santa Ana College. Santa Ana College offers two Associate degrees and two Certificates of Achievement.

  • Associate in Science for Transfer (A.S.T.): Administrative Justice
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): Criminal Justice
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Corrections Officer
  • Certificate of Achievement (CoA): Law Enforcement

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Average Salary In This Field

$41,875 -

Per Year

Potential Careers

Patrol Officer
Probation Officer
Correctional Officer

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Division Office

Phone: (714) 628-4883

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