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Cinema Studies

​​​​​​​​​​Income Streams: Cinema Studies @ SCC

As news, entertainment, and advertising continue to expand into new digital realms, the media monarchy is alive and well, and content remains king.

Unbound by traditional channels of distribution, opportunities in digital media have flourished, with bold new platforms surfacing virtually every day. In the Los Angeles/Orange County region, in particular, there's a race to keep up with unprecedented levels of demand for quality video content.

Santiago Canyon College is proud to help power the regional media industry through its Cinema Studies program. The program combines the creative and technical aspects of content creation, setting a broad foundation for career opportunities in entertainment, marketing, industry, and any other sector that relies on vivid, powerful stories.

Students start with coursework covering the history and theory of media production, before advancing to career-relevant techniques in screenwriting, lighting, photography, post-production, and more. SCC's two available Certificates of Proficiency (Digital Media Production and Digital Media Studies) provide an ideal basis for a confident career in television and video production.

SCC's proximity to the world's busiest entertainment capital means access to virtually unlimited opportunities in this future-proof field. Santiago Canyon grads are doing amazing things in the industry, and so can you!

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​​​​​Your Career Education degree or certificate opens doors to bigger paychecks, broader opportunities, and more!

  • Camera Operator, Television, Video, and Motion Picture - $54,570
  • Broadcast Technician - $40,080
  • Producer/Director - $71,680
  • Program Director - $71,680
  • Film and Video Editor - $62,650
  • Audio and Video Equipment Technician - $43,770
  • Multimedia Artists and Animator - $72,520
  • Sound Engineering Technician - $52,390

​Santiago Canyon College’s TV & Video Communications department offers two certificates in this Future BUILT field.

  • Certificate of Proficiency (CoP): Digital Media Production
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CoP): Digital Media Studies

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​David Echols
Program Facilitator

Rob Dew

Scott Essman

Thomas Shimanek


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Average Salary In This Field

$40,080 -

Per Year

Potential Careers

Broadcast Technician
Program Director
Video Editor

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Phone: (714) 628-4883

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