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Child Development

​​​​​​​Nurturing Knowledge: Child Development @ SCC

Care for. Look after. Tend. Support. Cultivate.

What do these words and phrases have in common?

They're all synonyms for the word nurture. They also happen to be excellent job descriptions for what a childhood educator does on a daily basis. If caring for children is a calling you'd like to turn into a career, you've come to the right place.

The Santiago Canyon College Child Development program offers three fast-and-focused certificates designed for individuals interested in starting a career in child development, preschool and/or elementary education. Individuals who already have a degree can also use these courses to meet state certification requirements for “professional growth" and “continuing education."

The Infant/Toddler and Preschool Certificates of Proficiency provide a basic introduction into the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and educational development of young children while meeting the minimum requirements for beginning early learning professionals employed or seeking employment as teachers and/or aides in publicly and privately funded programs serving infants and toddlers.

Similarly, the Certificate of Proficiency in the School-Age Child prepares students for positions teaching and supervising children from Pre-K to Grade 3, often in after-school, camp, cruise, and/or family day care settings. Completion of this certificate often leads to a School-Age Children's Center Permit.

As an added bonus, SCC's participation in the California Early Childhood Curriculum Alignment Project means that your courses are transfer-ready and consistent with statewide guidelines for preparation of early childhood educators.

If “nurture" is in your nature, SCC's Child Development program offers the flexible scheduling options, affordable tuition, and future-focused certifications you need to turn your love of children into a fulfilling career.

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​​​​​Your Career Education degree or certificate opens doors to bigger paychecks, broader opportunities, and more!

  • School Social Worker - $51,470
  • Childcare Worker - $25,570
  • Preschool Teacher, Non-Special Education - $33,670
  • Teacher Assistant - $33,660
  • Elementary School Teacher, Non-Special Education - $78,290
  • Preschool Administrator - $49,720
  • Special Education Teacher, Kindergarten & Elementary - $76,380

​Santiago Canyon College’s Child Development department offers several Degrees/Certificates in this Future BUILT field.

  • Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T): Child and Adolescent Development
  • Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T): Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CoP): Early Childhood Leadership and Administration
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CoP): Infant/Toddler
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CoP): Preschool
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CoP): The School-Age Child

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Average Salary In This Field

$25,570 -

Per Year

Potential Careers

Childcare Worker
Teacher Assistant
Preschool Administrator
School Social Worker

Department Contact

Department Chair

Phone: (714) 628-4708

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