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Welcome to SCC Web Publishing Wiki Site!

SCC web site is a SharePoint web content management (WCM) system. It provides authoring tools which allow web authors to update web pages online without relying on a Webmaster or using a web page editor application such as Adobe Dreamweaver, SharePoint Designer among others.

SharePoint web site content management includes the following features:

  • The ability to easily create and edit Web pages with links to documents that are used on pages in a site.
  • An HTML Editor, which can be used to apply formatting styles to text or to content elements (i.e. tables, images, lists, etc.) in the same fashion as a word processor.
  • Content approval processes, so web pages and documents can be approved before viewed publicly on a web site.
  • Site permissions, which control what specific actions a user can perform within a site.
  • Templates, which are referred to as Page Layouts, which control how a page will be presented.

Overview of SCC web site publishing features: