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You may have several web parts on a web part page. You can close, reset or delete a selected web part in the Web Part Page maintenance view.
Opening Web Part Page maintenance view:
  • Site Actions > View All Site Content
  • Open Pages library
  • Find the page in question
  • Select Edit Properties from the dropdown menu

Edit properties

In page properties window, scroll down to the bottom
Click on “Open Web Part Page in maintenance view

Open maintenance view

In Web Part Page maintenance view, you can close, reset and delete a selected web part.

Web part maintenance view

You cannot open a closed web part in the Web Part Page Maintenance view.
The Reset option allows you to reset the default settings for the Web part, it does not re-open it.
Opening a closed Web Part
To add a web part back to the page you can follow the following steps:
  1. While in edit mode, click the Add a Web Part button on the page that contains the closed Web Part, just as if you were going to add a new Web Part.
  2. In the Add Web Parts dialog that comes up, click the "Advanced Web Part gallery and options" link located in the lower left corner, just above the Add button.

    Web part gallery

  3. The Add Web Parts dialog will close, and a new dialog will open on the page. On this new dialog click the Closed Web Parts group:

    Closed web parts

  4. Your closed Web Part should be in the Web Part List. Click it once, and then select the Web Part Zone from the "Add to:" dropdown and click OK.

    Open a closed web part