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To create a survey in a website, make sure Team Collaboration Lists feature is activated for that site.
Please do the following:

  • Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings
  • In Site Settings page, click on the Site Features link under Site Administration column
  • Locate the Team Collaboration Lists feature, and click the Activate button

Steps to create a new survey:

  1. Go to the site you want to locate the survey
  2. Select Site Actions --> View All Site content
  3. Click on Create
  4. In Create page, click on the Survey link under Tracking column
  5. In the New page, enter survey name and description, select navigation option and survey option
  6. Click Next
  7. Add questions to survey
  8. Click Finish when it is done

*** Check No under “Show user names in survey results” to keep authenticated users who take the survey anonymous.

The new survey appears under the Surveys heading in All Site Content.
Click on survey name to open the Survey Overview page.

In the Survey Overview page, click on Respond to This Survey, you will be taken to the question page.

By default, the link to survey takes to the Survey Overview page and you need to click on Respond to This Survey to go to the question page. After a user has completed the survey and click Finish, the Survey Overview page will return automatically.

The link to the survey needs the following customization:

  • The link to survey should take directly to the question page
  • After completing the survey, a Thank You page should return

Steps to create a link to the survey that redirects to a Thank You page:

  1. From the Pages library, create a thank you page and copy its URL.
  2. Go to Site Actions -> View all Site Content. You will see the link to the new survey appear under the Surveys list.
  3. Click on the survey link to go to access the Survey Overview page
  4. Click Respond to this Survey to open the survey question page.
  5. Copy the URL of the question page Forum Survey/NewForm.aspx?
  6. Modifying the survey URL to create a redirection:

    Replace the Source URL with the Thank You page URL: Forum Survey/NewForm.aspx?Source=

  7. Go to Site Actions --> Site Settings --> Modify Navigation
    Replace the survey link by this modified URL to redirect the survey to the thank you page

Editing a survey

  • Go to Site Actions -> View All Site Content
  • Click on the survey link to open the survey page
  • Select Survey Settings under Settings

In the Customize page, click on the survey question under Questions. You will be taken to the survey builder page where you can edit or delete the question.

Under Questions, you have the links to add more question and change the order of questions.

To delete the whole survey, click “Delete this survey” under Permissions and Management column.

Enable Anonymous Access on a Survey List

For the survey to be accessible to anonymous users, the access permission for anonymous users should be enabled.
Steps to enable anonymous access:

  1. From the Survey Overview page, select Survey Settings under Settings menu
  2. On the Survey settings page, click on Permissions for this survey under Permissions and Management column
  3. In the Survey Permissions page, select Edit Permissions from Actions menu.
  4. A popup dialog will ask you to confirm your action, click OK.
  5. Select Anonymous Access under Settings menu
  6. On the Anonymous Access Settings page, make sure the Add Items and View Items options are selected, and click OK
  7. Return back to the Survey Settings page by clicking on the Settings link in the breadcrumb navigation.
  8. Once on the Survey Settings page, click on the Advanced Settings link
  9. On the Advanced Settings page, make sure both Read access and Edit access are set to "Only their own", and click OK.

Now anonymous users should be able to submit a survey response, while not being able to view the responses of others.

Getting survey result

  • Go to Site Actions -> View All Site Content
  • Click on the survey link under Surveys to go to the survey page
  • Click on “Show a graphical summary of responses” or “show all responses” to see the survey result

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