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Each web site created under a parent site can inherit permissions from the parent site or have its own.
Only owners of the website with full control can manage the site permissions.

To create unique permissions for a site, you should break permission inheritance from its parent website.

  • Go to the site you want to create unique permissions
  • Select Site Actions > Site Settings > People and Groups
  • (The site is currently inheriting its parent permission.)
    Select Edit Permissions under Actions menu

After breaking inheritance from the parent site, check boxes appeared in front of Users/groups names.
Now you can select a group and edit its permission, and you can add new permission group to that site.

The permissions groups for the whole SCC site are displayed in the left column under Groups.
Click More… to view all groups.

When you come to a website and open People and Groups, you may not see the correct Site Permissions page (read the page title on top). Select Site Permissions link on the left pane to display the permitted users and groups for that specific site.

Creating a new permission group:

  • Under New menu, select New Group
  • Enter group name following the standard naming convention: SiteName Permission. E.g. StudentServices Owners
  • Enter Santiago Canyon College Owners in the Grouper Owner field

3 permissions levels are assigned to SCC permission groups

  • Owner (full control)
  • Approver (Approve)
  • Contributor (Contribut

Groups are not "owned" by a specific site. No matter where you create permission groups, they belong to the entire Web site.


When you open a specific website and create a new permission group, but you don’t check any check box in the New Group page to select a permission level, the newly created group has no access to this website. However, you can give it access to this website later.

In order to give a group access to a site where it is created, make sure to check a permission check box before clicking on Create.

Adding/removing users

Click on Site Permissions to display the users and permission groups for this site. Notice that the newly created group appears on the left pane under Groups and also on the list of site permitted users and groups.

Steps to add a user to an existing permission group:

  1. Click on the group name on the left pane to display the list of members for that specific group
  2. Select New  > Add Users
  3. Enter the user name and click on check name icon to validate it
  4. Under Give Permission, the first radio button “Add users to a SharePoint group” is checked by default with the group name in the form field. Leave it as is.
  5. Click OK

Steps to remove a user from a group:

  • Check the check box next to the user name you want to remove
  • Select “Remove Users from Groups” under Actions menu

Giving permission to an existing group to access a web site

Each permission group can be granted access to any web site if needed.

Steps to give a group access to a web site:

  1. Navigate to the site you want to give the group access to
  2. Click on Site Actions > Site Settings > People and Groups
  3. Click on Site Permissions in the left pane to display the list of  permitted users and groups
  4. Click on New > Add Users (Do not click the New Group link, which is used to create a new group)
  5. Enter the group name in the Users/Groups field and check name to validate it. Group name must be unique.
  6. Select the “Give users permission directly” option
  7. Check the permission level(s) you wish to give to the group
  8. Click OK

Steps to remove a group from site permissions:

  • Check the check box next to the group you want to remove
  • Select  “Remove User Permissions” under the Actions menu

Anonymous User Access

You can specify what parts of the web site anonymous users can access.

  • Entire Web site
  • Lists and Libraries
  • Nothing

By checking nothing, the website is internal. Only authenticated users can access it.

Steps to change Anonymous Access settings for a website:

  • Go to the site you want to change anomynous access permission
  • Select Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings
  • Click on Advanced Permissions under Users and Permissions column
  • Select Anonymous Access under Settings menu
  • Select an option for anonymous access.

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