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To add a marquee, your page should use a Web Part page template.

Steps to create a marquee:

  • Go to the site where you will be adding the marquee, then click on Site Actions --> View All Site Content
  • Once on the All Site Content page, click the Create button
  • On the Create page, click on the Custom List type under Custom Lists
  • The name of the list must be Marquee, you can enter any description you would like

In All Site Content, the new marquee list appears under Lists.

Adding new marquee item:

Once the list is created, you can add items to it.

  • Click on the Marquee link to access it.
  • Select New Item under New menu
  • Enter the marquee message

Editing a marquee item:

  • Mouse-over the item to edit and select Edit Item from the dropdown menu
  • Edit the marquee message

Marquee content:

You can create links and add text styles to marquee items.

Important: Your links must be enclosed in single quotes.

Double quotes will break the marquee.


Welcome to Anh's Web Site

Adding a marquee web part to web page

  • Go to the page you want to include a marquee
  • Click on Add a Web Part
  • Locate the marquee web part under the “Miscellaneous” group.
  • Click Add

Selecting a marquee background:

  • In SCC marquee web part, select Modified Shared Web Part from the Edit menu
  • Under Miscellaneous, select a  background color from the dropdown menu

You can create only one marquee for each web site which has the unique name “Marquee”. However, you can add the same marquee to many pages and change a different background color for each.

 Download manual

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